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Well, you're on our website because your looking for the best driving instructors in Newry? You've come to the right place!

We have a proven first time pass rate from our team of professional instructors to give their best to you. You may simply want to know inside tricks & information your driving tester expects to see from you. Our experienced local instructors have the knowledge & expertise to properly prepare you for your driving test.

Indeed, it's fair to say that the most expensive is not always the best. However the difference between good instructors and great instructors may be the difference on passing your test or not. Great instructors don't offer cheap lessons. If it's cheap you want, keep searching the web. If it's the best you want, then welcome to Newry Driving School - Home of the Elite.

Driving lessons with the Newry Driving School are very competitively priced, and we continue to proudly offer to all of our new customers the first 5 driving lessons for just £99*.


1 hour driving lesson: £25

5 driving lesson: £100

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